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How Turmeric Benefits Our Health

Turmeric benefits have been known and used by Indians for hundreds upon hundreds of years, such is the effectiveness of this plant. It is more in use today than ever it was previously. It is beneficial to our health in many different ways and this fact has been known in India for hundreds of years. Turmeric has been benefitting the health of Indians for a long,long time but it is only in the past few years that the west has been using it.

The botanical name of the plant is Circuma Longa. It is a native of India and it’s environs. Turmeric is a substance found within the herb itself. It grows freely in this part of the world and is used in food as well as for it’s medicinal advantages.

The benefits of Turmeric are many and below are some of its most valuable uses.

Arthritis. Arthritis is a very common and unfortunately very painful condition. An active ingredient within the herb called Curcumin has been very beneficial to arthritis sufferers by helping to reduce joint swelling and pain.When used regularly over time these anti-inflammatory properties have proven to be of great help.

Alzheimers. A terrible condition for all involved whereby the sufferer is unable to remember essential information. It is thought that it could reduce, or even prevent, the build up of amyloidal plague in the brain. This substance is thought to play a huge role in Alzheimers.

Dealing with cancer. The active ingredient within Turmeric i.e. Curcumin, is thought to reduce cancer growth activity in those already suffering and to help prevent the appearance of certain cancer types.

Liver detox. The proper functioning of the liver can be greatly aided by a Turmeric supplement. It has played a role in helping with liver and gallbladder dysfunction for many,many years.

Heart problems. It is used by many heart sufferers to reduce the development of plaque. The reduction of bad cholesterol and improved circulation is another huge beneficial side effect.

For those willing to try it the benefits of Turmeric are easily available.To fully reap the rewards from this wonderful herb you need to use it consistently over a prolonged period of time.

Julie C. Ashe is a life-time user and passionate fan of the benefits of vitamins and supplements with a scientific base to promote good health and vitality. Visit Julie’s site Facts about Vitamins and Supplements.

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