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Man has been the most adaptable animal of all and this very quality has made him bear the strongest of storms and the worst of natural calamities. But without the art of defending himself, he would not have survived through the ages. Man has thus transformed himself into the most deadly weapon the world has ever seen. And this weapon is capable of churning out even more weapons. The best art of self defense in times of emergency has been martial arts for ages.

Martial Arts and Ginastica Natural

Speaking of martial arts, man has learnt to invent new forms of martial arts according to his requirements and necessities. One of the recent forms of martial arts is known as MMA or mixed martial arts. Martial arts has been chiseled and re-chiseled, and then toned with other ancillary exercises to make the form even more potent and deadly. Jiu-jitsu is one of the most popular martial arts worldwide and to make it more potent, Ginastica Natural is a form of Yoga, coupled with breathing exercises, that targets the weapon in you and makes it even more potent and use-ready.

The man behind this revolutionary endurance building exercise was Alvaro Romano. From the suburbs of Rio-de-Janeiro, this man transformed the way people looked at martial arts and the training required to excel in such sports. Going a step beyond competition specific training, Ginastic Natural focuses more on the advantages of leading life like the early man did natural activities and that includes climbing trees! The benefits of coupling Yoga with your martial arts routine, it will make you like a live weapon which is battle ready at all times.

If you wanted martial arts specific Yoga postures and exercises, it couldnt get better than practicing Ginastica Natural. Ginastica Natural is beneficial for you because:

If youre looking at making yourself more flexible and muscles stronger, this will definitely work for you. Ginastica Natural workouts make your muscles work more but do not make them exhausted that is the best part of the form of Yoga.

Its roots lie in the Brazilian form of exercising and stretching the muscles and have evolved for better performance in Jiu-Jitsu or MMAs.

Want to build core muscles and make them more functional; Ginastica Natural is the workout you might be searching for.

Endurance and stamina are the 2 most vital aspects in performance sports or even sports like martial arts. It is of no use if you know the deadliest of moves but cannot keep up with the pace of the fight and then fall quickly. Did you know that your breathing technique has a lot to do with your stamina? Ginastica Natural helps you control your breathing and in turn builds your stamina so that you can keep yourself fueled longer.

The key aspect of practicing Ginastica Natural is the advantage you get by building your cardiovascular system by making it stronger and therefore your endurance. If youre prone to injury, Ginastica Natural will make you stronger from within.

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