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Approach Women – 3 Tips For Success

Most guys get nervous at the thought of approaching women. That’s understandable because most of them are coming in with the wrong frame of mind. I’m going to tell you three things that will immediately improve your success when approaching women.

1. Approach with the right frame of mind

This is extremely important and most guys that approach a woman they don’t know are in the completely wrong frame of mind. Firstly, they come in with the idea that they are going to pick her up. This is a terrible mindset and all it does is make you nervous and outcome dependent. Instead, approach with the mindset that you are just here to have fun, and you enjoy talking and meeting new people, and if for some reason she’s cold to you, oh well, it’s her loss.

2. Don’t overcomplicate what you’re going to say

Many men that have learned structured game end up coming up with crazy routines and openers that are way too complicated. Not only are girls starting to become aware when you approach them and ask their opinion but it sounds weird too if it’s really off topic. You will find you’ll have much better success if you keep it simple and fun. For example, “hey, I saw you from over there and I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t come over and say hi, my names Matt”.

3. Display confident body language

Despite being aware that good body language is important, many men fall back into old habits. Especially when they are nervous trying to approach women. I’m not going to tell you where to put your hands or how to lean up against the bar. What I will tell you is to relax, be in control, smile and take up space. If you can manage to do that you will appear confident and dominant. Approaching relaxed with a smile will do wonders compared to being uptight and rigid. Breathe and relax, you’re here to have fun.

The difference between those who are successful approaching women and those who are not is the action they take. Are you going to be one of those people who read this, assume you know it already and don’t bother applying it? The next time you want to approach a women go over these three tips quickly: remember you’re approaching to have fun because your social, keep your opener simple, be relaxed in your environment. It’s that simple.

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