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Protect Your Eyes and Eye Care Tips

Important for people working with computers, drivers, middle and older population, especially for people with vision problems.

Overloading provides a visual eye fatigue and associated problems with focusing and amplifying the need for diapers. It is also often accompanied by irritation and burning eyes, tearing or dry eye, on the contrary, headaches and general irritability. Speeches end hazing of vision and lack of nutrition is degeneration of eyesight, cataracts, glaucoma, night blindness, blindness.

Primary eye protection to protect your eyes from direct sunlight, nepresahovani number of “recommended” time spent at the computer, assigning breaks away from the computer or watching TV in a long. For the vision is much friendlier than traditional LCD monitors.

For proper visual function should be supplied in the diet not enough vit. A, respectively. Beta-carotene, the precursor, which is well known, but also a sufficient amount of lute in and seaman thin. Results of laboratory investigations have shown that lute in and seaman thin help protect the retina against oxidative damage. In turn, lute in has been shown also that slows cancer growth, suppresses the progression of breast cancer and increases immunity. Vision also strengthens proantokyanidy contained in blueberries and routines contained in fruits such as elder and black currant.

Significant effect on the eyes and the light that surrounds us. Our eyes are in fact adapted to sunlight rather than artificial light with different spectral composition, which is straining the eyes. Holisticti eye doctors therefore recommend staying away as much as possible to natural sunlight. And if it is not possible, at least you get the so-called healthy light – full spectrum lighting, the color composition of light near the sun. Under artificial lighting, which has a balanced color spectrum, the pupil expands significantly more sunlight than the same intensity. Result can then be sustained expansion zornicek, which later leads to photophobia, but also a predisposition to glaucoma. Along with that, as the pupil dilates, namely increasing intraocular pressure.

The prevention and treatment also apply effects and visualization of colored light of different colors. Warm colors such as yellow or red, while strongly promoting blood circulation eye, green is the harmonizing effects and cool colors (blue and indigo) have supported relaxing the eye muscles.

Destructive processes in the whole organism and destructive processes in the retina leading to deterioration of vision to help slow the loss of antioxidants, have a beneficial impact will be felt throughout the body.

Those fortunate, who have more time than money we recommend that you picked blueberries, cultivated marigold and regularly eating the petals and often forgetting to eat yellow peas, broccoli, beans, cabbage, carrots and cabbage.

An alternative for those who do not have the opportunity to eat optimally, or you want to be sure that the necessary materials for your eyes really add to your body, you may be using a preparation Visio maxi . Helps protect and regenerate the retina, strengthens eyesight, improves peripheral vision and protects the retina from light damage. Young and healthy is to prevent people stravujicim 2x a year is sufficient to use 2 packs Visio maxi. Older people generally increase the need for antioxidants.

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