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Five Pointers For Optimum Health Of African American Hair

To take care of your African American hair, choose hair products that are gentle and hydrating, apply conditioner before going swimming, avoid over-shampooing and under-conditioning, avoid hair products that have synthetic oil, and take care of your hair tips.

The unique structure of African American hair makes it more prone to dryness and breakage than the straighter hair type. The difference between African American hair and other types of hair is that the strands can have twice as many cuticles, or outer layers. The kinkiness of African American hair also makes it difficult for the natural oil secretions of the scalp to reach the hair tips. With these facts in mind, you can see why Moroccan argan hair oil comes in handy. Here are a variety of tips that will be helpful when caring for your hair if you are African American.

Hair products that deliver results are well worth the investment due to how precious an asset your hair is. Buy shampoos that are gentle and which have hydrating properties and a conditioner that has moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and wheat germ. Thoroughly massage the shampoo into the scalp, and always remember to use a conditioner after shampooing.

Make sure to put on conditioner before you go swimming

Wet your hair and then apply an hair conditioner before you get into water for swimming or bathing. If you want to protect your hair while swimming, you can apply conditioner to keep chlorine from infiltrating the hair shaft and damaging it. Also, you should use a few ounces of club soda to rinse your hair after you swim.

Avoid over-shampooing and under-conditioning

Although shampoos and conditioners are useful in getting great hair, you should be careful to just use the right amount for each. Using too much shampoo without adequate conditioning can cause your hair to become both dried out and frizzy. You should never shampoo more than once a week, and use nothing more than a conditioner every other day. In order to remove styling product residue, make sure to rinse with a mixture of water and conditioner. Apply a liberal amount of conditioner to your hair, comb through, and then rinse thoroughly before styling your hair. There is a need to use a conditioner especially on summer days.

Try to avoid hair care products that contain synthetic oil

Be discriminating with regard to the substances that you purchase and put on your hair. Oils that are synthetically created, such as petroleum oils or mineral oils, have been shown to dry out the hair. Some hairsprays and styling creams also contain drying alcohol and should be avoided as well.

Take care of your hair tips

The ends of your hair are prone to dryness which causes splitting. You can take care of your hair tips by combining conditioner with natural oils and combing through your hair ends using the mixture. You can also leave this mixture on your hair for an additional layer of protection from the sun and other harmful elements in the environment.

Since you hair is something that adorns you every day, why not become an expert on its care?

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